Turning Down The Noise: Minimizing Holiday Stress

Listen…I love Christmas.  The lights, the sparklies, the opportunity to spend time with family.  And, of course, the cookies!  But, things have getting a little crazy the past few years.  Christmas countdowns on Facebook started in March.  Lowe’s was putting up Christmas trees in August.  Walmart was preparing displays of Christmas cards over Labor Day.  … Continue reading Turning Down The Noise: Minimizing Holiday Stress

Discovering Scuba: Our Experience

How do two people that live in landlocked Pennsylvania get their first experience with scuba diving in November?  The YMCA.  That’s right!  Our local YMCA offers a variety of scuba diving classes, including opportunities to begin pursuing becoming open water certified and we didn’t even have to be YMCA members to participate.  How incredible!? PADI, … Continue reading Discovering Scuba: Our Experience