A Small Victory!

Sometimes, it’s really easy to forget the positive energy that comes from small victories.  Last night, we decided to pay off our Lowe’s card, which was the focus of current assault against the Debt Monster.  We had originally planned to have the card paid off in July 2017, then April, then March and then it happened last night.  Being able to pay it off a few months early did GREAT things for our overall war!  Instead of our most recent plan to be debt-free in 24 months, we’ve shortened it to 22 months by paying the Lowe’s card off early.  Hurray!  We’ll snowball the payment we were making to our next goal – paying off the motorcycle.  Our original debt-free plan called for paying off the bike in December 2017, but, that’s been fast-tracked to May 2017.  So, only four months from now as long as things continue to go well!

I had also been whining about the ridiculously expensive Endeavour Trawler Cat that we saw at Trawler Fest in the fall.  You remember, right?  The one I absolutely fell in love with and then found out was $800,000?  The one with the spiral staircase and Sky Lounge?  Yeah…that one.  Josh reminded me that the big deal breaker on the Endeavour that I loved was the width of the beam.  (I guess the price might have something to do with it being a no-go, too.)  But, just out of curiosity, we decided to take a look at the Endeavours to see if all of their trawler catamarans had such wide beams.  Turns out, they don’t all have super wide beams!  The Endeavour 38 Trawler Cat has a 16′ beam which makes it much more “realistic” for what we envision our future plans being.  While the 38 doesn’t have the spiral staircase or the heavenly Sky Lounge, it does have a great floor plan and a TON of storage space.  It also has great tank capacity and engines that don’t make Josh frown.  It’s taken the place of the Silverton 38C, which has been my favorite since we started seriously looking at potential future boats.  More research on trawler catamarans is necessary.  But, for now, here’s some photos of of Endeavour 38 Trawler Cat.

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