Impending Doom And Heartache

I got a phone call from my cousin this afternoon while I was at work, letting me know that my Grandma passed away this morning.  I immediately left work (early again) and headed to my Grandpa’s house to be with my family.  She lived a full and happy 87 years and I’m happy that she’s no longer in pain, but that doesn’t make losing her any less heart-wrenching.  I’m fearful for my Grandpa and hopeful to be a more active part of his life to keep him company and, hopefully, ease the loneliness that will, most assuredly, set in after the influx of visitors dies down.  My employer allows me to use three days of sick time for bereavement leave, so I’ll be using time to cover my absence today and I’ll be off tomorrow, as the arrangements will be made tomorrow for the funeral services.  Grandpa says Grandma wanted a “sunset service,” so sunset service she will have.  The only thing that may throw a wrench into things is…

This.  Sure, I mean, why not?!  15 – 25″ of snow on a Tuesday sounds fantastic!  Not a snowflake has fallen from the sky yet (Monday, 3/13/2017 at 8:07pm) but the general public has been whipped into a frenzy of buying bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper all day.  Nearly everything has closed.  (356 businesses / schools / agencies / etc. to be exact.)  Based on the events occurring around me, it appears at though it may be the end of days.  At least for the Central PA area.

UPDATE: 9:18pm.  The first flakes have fallen.  453 business / school / agency closings.

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