In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Despite the dramatics of February and the first half of the month, March actually held up it’s end of the “out like a lamb” deal.  And I’m super thankful for that.  Actually, I had a few big, exciting “adult” moments during the second half of March!

Okay, okay, so this actually happened during the first half of the month, but, I didn’t realize it until the second half of the month.  I’m pretty sure my excitement about this is a pretty clear indicator that I’m getting older.  Put, I’m finding it incredibly fascinating that my credit score is rising as quickly and as high as it is.  We started seriously working on our debt-free plan in September 2016 and my credit score since then has been pretty reflective of our progress, I think.  Pretty cool!  I’d really like to hit 800…not that anything special happens or anything, but, I just think it would be cool.  We’ll see what happens!

I heard about some tickets that were left for “gun bingo” on Saturday, 3/25/2017.  $35 for what was supposed to be 20 games of bingo, all you can eat food and all you can drink beer.  The prize for each bingo winner was some type of firearm.  Pretty sweet!  I’ve been wanting to play bingo for a while and Josh loves guns, so, we bought tickets and made it happen.  Something happened with the all you can eat food part and we ended up having to purchase food, but, no big deal.  Josh nearly won a gun, I won $50 on a pull-tab ticket and we both had enough willpower not to dab each other with the dabbers.  A good Saturday afternoon, I’d say.

Sunday, 3/26/2017, I had a craving for hushpuppies from the Stevensville Crab Shack.  So, we took a road trip in the cold, windy weather to Kent Island.  The crab shack didn’t disappoint and we both ate entirely too much.  (I’m not ashamed.)  We also took a drive through the Sandy Point State Park since we had never been and were in the area.  $3 to get in wasn’t too bad, even considering the questionable weather.  I can only imagine that it’s absolutely crazy during the summer!

We took a different route home than we ever had before.  And I’m glad we did!  While driving along and crossing a bridge, I spotted an oddly shaped island in the middle of the water.  A quick Google search informed me that the island is called “Fort Carroll.”  The history of Fort Carroll is pretty incredible.

Image Credit

My birthday was on the 27th of this month, too.  I’m now a ripe 32 years old!  I make a habit of celebrating my birthday for the entire month, so the actual day is just a bit more of a celebration than the entire month.  This year, I had already eaten nearly three cakes by the 27th (carrot, lemon and strawberry) (also, a personal best) and got another TWO cakes on my birthday (chocolate and white).  In cake terms, this birthday was THE BEST!  Josh also had an Edible Arrangement delivered to my work on the 27th, which was really cool (and really yummy!).  In other “adult” news, I asked for new silverware for my birthday and my mom obliged.  They’re beautiful and it’s the first time in my life I’ve had a matching set of silverware.  Hurray for adulting!

Overall, a very non-dramatic (and very adult) end to March.  And I am very thankful for that.  In boat search news…things have gotten a little…different.  Since we’ve started really looking at boats, we’ve been focusing our attention on the Silverton 38 trawlers.  But during the past few weeks, we’ve started looking closely at catamarans as they offer space, plenty of room for fishing and pretty reasonable fuel consumption.  I’ve never been on a catamaran so I’d really like to be able to board one this year at one of the boat shows, so, fingers crossed for that.  But, at this point, we’ve added a few catamarans to our working boat list.  So far my favorite is the hugely wide Prowler 450 Power Cat.  It’s AWESOME!

A close second place is the skinnier Endeavour 38 Trawler Cat.  Also, a ton of space, plenty of room for fishing and great fuel consumption.

April started off well today, taking a load of 960 pounds of trash and renovation material from upstairs to the dump and Josh starting to paint the den.  We’re creeping closer and closer to having the upstairs entirely finished and I cannot WAIT!  April and May are going to be insanely busy months, but, we’re pretty committed to getting the upstairs done before the weather breaks entirely.  I’m hopeful that what’s left of the project goes smoothly (and quickly).

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