May 2017: Rain, Landscaping and Red Eyes!

Listen ya’ll.  May is a month with 31 days.  This year, in Central Pennsylvania, it rained for 15 of them.  (That’s 48%, smartypantses)  Let’s not forget to note that the high temperature on 5/11/2017 was 58 degrees and then 6 days later on 5/17/2017, the high was 92 degrees.  I’m still struggling to understand why … Continue reading May 2017: Rain, Landscaping and Red Eyes!


SMONDAY: When the Sunday feeling starts to turn into Monday anxiety. As I continue to peruse the never-ending stream of blogs that promise readers a glimpse into what it’s “really like” to sell everything, buy a boat and liveaboard, I continue to find myself getting frustrated with the lack of blogs that REALLY explain the … Continue reading Smonday