2017 Colorado Adventure: Day 1

– Friday, 6/23/2017 –

The long-awaited family trip to Colorado is upon us!  I took the day off work to finish getting things together (and generally because I just didn’t want to be at work).  I dropped the dog off at the kennel around 9am and then picked up $90 worth of snacks (which I’m sure will give all of us Diabetes) for the ride out, so we didn’t have to spend $20 on a bag of Doritos or $5 for a bottle of water at gas stations along the way.  (Thanks Walmart Grocery Pickup!)

Google says it’s an 1,802 mile trek from Marysville, Pennsylvania to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and that, despite a TON of construction, it should take us 27 hours to get there. Josh has decided that we’re going to take the scenic route on our way out to Pagosa Springs, so, Google now says it’s going to take us 31 hours and it should be a total of 2,079 miles.  (The scenic route will be cool because it’ll take us through Nashville, Memphis, Oklahoma City and Amarillo, TX.) We’re planning on closer to 36 hours due to the construction, pee breaks, checking out cool stuff along the way and anything else we might get sidetracked by.  Something that didn’t occur to me until Josh said something…Colorado is in the Mountain Time Zone, so, it’s two hours behind PA.

Look at all that CONSTRUCTION!

Josh’s youngest brother and his girlfriend met us at our house at about 5:30pm to get everything loaded into the truck.  We got on the road shortly before 6pm.  Josh and I plan to do all the driving, alternating between the two of us.  We had a quick dinner at Zeiderelli’s which is not far from our house and then headed to the turnpike to get this show on the road.  Josh took the first shift of driving and drove from 6pm – midnight. We hit some pretty significant rain during the first few hours.

Rain, rain and more rain!

I took over driving at midnight, Josh went to sleep and I drove us into Saturday, 6/24/2017.

This is going to be my first attempt at making it a point to journal while we were on vacation.  Not long, drawn out journal entries, but, a log of what we did, how much we spent, how many miles we went, what the weather was like, etc.  Even though I only started this blog 9ish months ago, I find it absolutely fascinating to read the posts from months ago and remember the details that I so often forget (like the name of the horse I bet on at the casino 7 months ago that won me $60).  So, I’m going to try really, REALLY hard during our Colorado adventure.  So far, so good!

MONEY SPENT TODAY: $169.95 ($90.28 for snacks on the way out; $8.50 for propane for the little grill that we took with us; $30.18 for dinner at Zeiderelli’s before getting on the road; $1.75 for ice for the drink cooler and $39.24 for gas.)

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