June 2017

It’s hard to believe that another month is nearly over…really…July is right around the corner and summer will be half over already.  The good news is that the weather has FINALLY decided that it officially wants to be summer, so sunshine and warm temperatures have been plentiful throughout June.

Friday, 6/2/2017 – Sunday, 6/4/2017 – We headed to camp for our four year wedding anniversary.  We were contemplating heading to the beach but decided, since we’re heading to Colorado in less than a month, we could save the money we would have spent on hotel rooms at the beach and head to camp instead, where it’s free to stay!  Saturday was beautiful and we set out in search of a few geocaches not far from camp.  But, that quickly ground to a halt when the tire pressure light came on in the truck and said we were rapidly losing air in the driver’s side rear tire.  Turns out the tread was torn and we ended up with flat tire change-a-roo alongside the road.  Knowing that we’re taking the truck a few thousand miles to Colorado, we agreed that we needed to get a new set of tires before the trip.  So, that turned into an unexpected $800 of new tires when we got home.  Happily, we were at an okay enough place with money that we were able to swing the unexpected $800 expenditure without having to use a credit card.  (Hurray!)  While we were at camp, we checked our geocache and took a short walk to enjoy the day’s beautiful weather.  A weekend of relaxation at camp was well received.

Monday, 6/5/2017 – I finally packed up and shipped 3 more boxes of “stuff” to GiveBackBox that I had been piling up around the house for the past few weeks.

Friday, 6/16/2017 – Sunday, 6/18/2017 – Josh was away for camp work weekend and I used the majority of the weekend to prep for Colorado.  I am happy to report that my bag was completely packed five days before we left – VICTORY!

Tuesday, 6/20/2017 – I went to the Dentist, again.  This time, he gladly delivered seven shots of novacine to the right side of my mouth and, two hours later, the released me from the torture chair.  All in all, it wasn’t too bad.  I’m scheduled to go back at the end of July to get the left side done.  Point of excitement for the day…the two drones that I ordered a few days ago got delivered.  We headed to the township’s park to try out the drones before we head to Colorado.  Josh did really well.  I did…not so well.  I also donated another box of stuff to GiveBackBox.

Friday, 6/23/2017 – First of 12 days off work – HURRAY!  Booked First Sail Experience for the Fall Annapolis Sail Boat Show for Saturday, 10/7/2017.  Dog went to the kennel.  We leave for Colorado at 6pm!  I’ve made up my mind to do a really great job at documenting our Colorado trip, so, hopefully I can make that happen.  I’m planning to do a series of Colorado Adventure posts, recapping each day and then a review of how we did on the trip, money-wise, after we get home.  I squirreled a notepad in my bag so I can make notes of things to include in the posts because I’m sure it’s going to be a whirlwind, but, I can’t WAIT!  The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful!

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