2017 Colorado Adventure: Day 3

– Sunday, 6/25/2017 –

We got up early and left Amarillo, TX at 8am Central Time.  There was a lot of rain and BIG Texas lighting!  The drive consisted of a lot of straight and flat bordered by ranches, run down shacks and cows.

More rain!

Before long, it was 8am again (Mountain Time, this time) and we were passing into New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.

The clouds finally started to part and we were treated to a spectacular array of wind catchers scattered throughout the fields we were meandering through.  I was amazed by the sheer number of wind catchers, though we didn’t see any solar panel set ups (which was interesting to me).

The drive, again, was straight, flat and easy with little to no traffic.  And, we were SO thankful that the rain stopped because the landscape was anything but mundane!  The views through New Mexico were absolutely INCREDIBLE!

At 1:35pm, we pulled into Pagosa Springs RV Park.  A quick check of the truck’s odometer indicated we had traveled 2,099 miles during our two-day journey and since we were the first one’s finally “there,” we got to see our new “home” for the next week.

Josh’s parents arrived a few hours later and we spent the rest of the day unloading, grocery shopping and relaxing in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  Let the party begin!

MONEY SPENT TODAY: $14.52 ($14.52 for groceries at Walmart, since Josh’s parents paid for the remainder of our $330 bill.)

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