2017 Colorado Adventure: Day 10

– Sunday, 7/2/2017 –

It’s really hard to believe that we arrived in Colorado a week ago today.  We’ve spent the entire week seeing and experiencing as much of Pagosa Springs as possible and we have BARELY scratched the surface of the wonders that are within a few minutes of Pagosa Springs RV Park.  The unlimited supply of County and Forest Roads, filled with new views, animals and beautiful sunsets.  Saying that I’m sad to be leaving is a severe understatement.  Colorado has been very good to us!

We started the morning by taking the twin boys to find their first geocache on Blanco River Road.  (The name of the geocache is White River Picnic)  The cache was supposed to be an easy walk and a pretty easy find.  Thankfully, it was both.  It was pretty cool getting to see the boys find the cache, open it and go through all of the trinkets inside.  I gave them the plastic pig I found in the geocache earlier in the week to contribute to the cache and asked them to help me write the log note.  Pretty fun stuff on our last day!

We headed back to the cabin to pack up, get ready to leave and say our goodbyes.  There was something curiously exciting about the drive TO Colorado, but everyone was dreading the drive home FROM Colorado.  Seems like that’s the way it goes with vacations.  We left Pagosa Springs RV Park at 10:32am with 37,296 miles on the truck and began our journey home.  We’re taking the more direct route home and Google says it should take us 1,808 miles and 27 hours to make it home, but, holy geez, look at all that construction – AGAIN!

The drive was pretty uneventful – a lot of open fields and nothingness through Colorado and Kansas.  We stopped at a truck stop (that’s turning into our vacation “thing,” I think) for dinner and decided on McDonald’s.  I had my first Quarter Pounder ever and I’m actually kind of scared of the impending repercussions…

MONEY SPENT TODAY: $56.48 ($11.04 for the best gas station pizza I’ve ever had; $29.26 for fuel and $16.18 for dinner at McDonald’s and the first and only Quarter Pounder I will ever eat)

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