2017 Colorado Adventure: Day 11

– Monday, 7/3/2017 –

As expected, repercussions of the Quarter Pounder hit squarely in mid-morning.  After completing the exorcism, I have vowed to never eat another Quarter Pounder for the rest of my days.  Once was MORE than enough.  I think the little old man running the very small, very quiet gas station would agree with my decision.

We arrived home at 7:04pm EST with  39,107 miles on the truck.  And we were BEAT!  Our sleeping schedules on the drive back didn’t line up near as nicely as they did on our way out, and that’s something we will need to pay more attention to going forward in order to avoid complete and utter exhaustion again.  We quickly unpacked the truck and relaxed for the evening.  Well, relaxed for a few minutes and then passed out.

We have off work on Tuesday, 7/4/2017 for Independence Day.  Thank god because we’re in desperate need of some solid sleep and it feels pretty good to be out of the truck, too!  Despite any minor agitations, the week was FANTASTIC.  Packed full of new experiences, new views and togetherness.

P.S.  Just in case you might have lost track…as of today, we have 224 Monday’s left!

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