Sharing With The WORLD!

Today’s the day.  The day we flipped the switch and shared our nearly-year-long, very quiet plan with the WORLD!  Talk about anxiety!  In my head, the moment I flipped the website from “Coming Soon” mode to “LIVE” mode, everyone would somehow just know that I had just bared the last year of our lives…scheming, selling our belongings, hustling, paying off $76,000+ in debt, making plans for our future that some might call absolutely crazy.  The reality is that no one knew.  And if no one knows, no one can share our journey.  Not exactly what we’re going for.  At this point, our journey is about minimizing – minimizing our debt, minimizing our possessions, minimizing our obligations.  Since I’ve been lurking around a minimalist group on Facebook for about a year, I figured we’d go ahead and jump in feet first by sharing our “big day” with 115, 374 our of friends, via the group.

Today’s also the day that we had our first attempt at making a video to document our journey.  Josh has done a FANTASTIC job of figuring out video editing software!  Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t quite combat the massive amounts of ridiculous faces I made at the camera.  (Note to self: Get it together!)  But, at least it’s something, right?!   🙂  Get the popcorn ready and get an eyeful of THIS!

Hindsight being 20/20, the dog should have gotten his 15 seconds of fame.  We’ll do better next time, promise!

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