2018 Escape The Winter Trip – Day 5

Thursday was a true day of absolutely no plans, other than meeting our dive instructor on Thursday evening, to check in to the hotel we’ll be staying at until Monday.  We took the opportunity to sleep in a bit in our fancy hotel room (and use the mini-Keurig because it was just so cute!)  Before leaving Banana Bay, we took a stroll around the resort to check out what we hadn’t been able to see in the dark when we arrived the night before.  The resort was beautiful and very well manicured.  We spent some time walking the docks, dreaming and staring out at Pretty Joe Rock, not far from the shore.

Since we only needed to travel about an hour north to Key Largo by the evening in order to meet up with our dive group and check into our hotel, we figured we might as well stop for lunch and a few cocktails.  We ended up at place called the Keys Fisheries, which was ended up being a highlight of the trip!  It all started with the conch fritters and the World Famous Lobster Reuben.  The conch fritters were good but the lobster reuben was out of this world!  So good, in fact, that they run a monthly contest for patrons to guess how many lobster reubens are sold during the month.  (We guessed 230, but, ended up finding out that the total will likely be more like 1,500+!  In one month!  Can you imagine!?)  Once the waterside seating area began to fill up with families, we headed up to the 21+ bar area overlooking the restaurant, marina and ocean.  It was a beautiful place to have a few cocktails and we ended up hanging out at the Keys Fisheries for the majority of the rest of day, drinking cocktails and watching the water.

Once we had our fill of fruity cocktails, we headed an hour north to Key Largo to meet up with our scuba diving instructor at our hotel.  We ended up being the first one’s there and spent a few hours hanging out until the rest of the group was able to make it, hours after their anticipated arrival.  (Source of major delay: Man Shot By Police After Crashing SUV Into Water Off U.S. 1 Faces Numerous Charges.  The world keeps getting crazier and crazier!)  After everyone arrived, we headed to the Pilot House Marina, Restaurant and Glass Bottom Bar for dinner.  The food was good but we were pretty exhausted so after dinner, we made a beeline for the hotel room because we were going diving in the morning!

P.S.  In case you can’t stop thinking about the World Famous Lobster Reuben, for which I definitely don’t blame you, apparently you can buy them online and have them shipped to your house, ready to heat and eat!  Check it out!  This may get dangerous…

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