Month In Review: April 2018

Tuesday, 4/3/2018 – Since we got home from Florida in the wee hours of the morning, we spent the day sleeping, cleaning up, putting things away and conquering Laundry Mountain.  We definitely needed the day to recoup from our adventure south.  Excitement and morale about returning to work tomorrow is at an all time low…

Saturday, 4/7/2018 – All work and no play makes unhappy people, so, Josh took advantage of the decent weather to head to the Bowhunters Festival.  (Despite being spring for a few weeks now, 35° still isn’t feeling very spring like…)

Tuesday, 4/10/2018 – IV sedation and two wisdom teeth removed at 8am on a Tuesday morning, why not?!  On the bright side, all of the “appointments” over the past few months have finally paid off!  I got a solid offer of employment and happily accepted the offer (while still a bit sedated!).  My last day with my current employer will be Friday, 4/27/2018, and I’ll start my new job (with my old company!) on Monday, 4/30/2018.  I am absolutely stoked and can’t wait to begin the next adventure!

Friday, 4/13/2018 – Friday the 13th and FINALLY some warm weather!  A beautiful day to turn in my two week notice, run errands and start getting things aligned for my new job.  The combination of sunshine, warmth, Friday and the excitement for the next chapter is nearly intoxicating!

Friday, 4/20/2018 – Finally time for the Spring Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD (and a good reason to play hookey from work on a Friday!)  We spent the majority of the day at the boat show, and, despite the chilly weather, had a really productive day, boarding and evaluating a ton of boats.  (Here’s our boat show review post, if you’re interested.)  After the boat show, we headed to Kent Island for some dinner and drinks at The Jetty.

Tuesday, 4/24/2018 – Exciting changes are on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean that some people make saying goodbye pretty hard…

Friday, 4/27/2018 – West Shore Scuba put together a Diver’s Night Out and we made sure that we were able to go spend some time with some other divers.  It was a great night and we got to hear from some people who “went pro” with scuba diving and turned their hobby into their profession.  Josh’s drive to turn scuba diving into a money making option grew by leaps and bounds after hearing how others have done just that.

Monday, 4/30/2018 – Alexis started her new job as a Program Director at an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.  Despite the challenges involved, there’s nothing quite like getting back to working where people are truly invested in the betterment of others.

Extra Income Amount Earned
Co-Op Stand $12.52
Visa Rewards $62.87
Mechanical Turk $28.97

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