Month In Review: May 2018

Saturday, 5/5/2018 – We decided May 2018 will be our last month to rent the stand at the Co-Op, as we successfully sold the majority of the frivolous “stuff” in our house.  Everything at the stand got marked down by 50% and we’re hoping to not have much left at the end of the month.  Fingers crossed!

Saturday, 5/12/2018 – Sunday, 5/13/2018 – Time for the annual family fishing trip with Rockaholic Fishing, LLC on the Chesapeake Bay!  The weather was great on Saturday and all six of us ended up getting an opportunity to get a fish on the boat.  We only ended up with two keepers, though.  Sunday, the weather took a turn for the worse and we only ended up landing two fish all day.  No matter the amount of fish headed to the freezer, it was another great trip.

Tuesday, 5/15/2018 – On my way to work, I saved a turtle’s life and felt pretty damn optimistic about the day ahead of me.

When I came home from work, I filed a homeowner’s insurance claim for tens of thousands of dollars of damage.  To say it was an interesting day would be a severe understatement…

Tuesday, 5/22/2018 – After a long day at work, it was a nice break to have some cocktails with some old and new faces in “the industry.”  During a time when everyone’s so busy and focused on getting the day-to-day work done to support the bigger picture, it’s a welcome break to get to just hang out together for a few hours.

Saturday, 5/26/2018 – Sunday, 5/27/2018 – The long-awaited Memorial Day Weekend in Kent Island was FINALLY here!  A few short hours after loading the truck and hitting the road, we found ourselves sitting at The Jetty, enjoying some much anticipated cocktails on the dock.  With nowhere to be, we decided to make a day of it and ended up eating lunch and dinner at The Jetty, while playing Keno and enjoying the AC/DC cover band.

Sunday morning was a bit slow to start, but, what better way to get day two of the holiday weekend started than heading back to The Jetty for breakfast and mimosas!?  (Have we mentioned we love this place and are on a first-name basis with the bartenders?)

After naps and showers, it was time to start making our way to Red Eyes to get seats for the annual Amish Outlaws show.  We made an excellent decision in getting there when we did, as not long after we got seated, some pretty gnarly weather pushed through.  Despite some pretty significant rain and wind, the party raged on from underneath the tent and we had a great night!

Extra Income Amount Earned
Co-Op Stand $17.07
Visa Rewards $127.21
eBates $9.11

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