Discovering Scuba: Getting Our Gear

Once we finished the book work for our scuba certifications, we knew the next step was to start getting wet!  What we weren’t quite sure about what was gear we needed to buy in order to be ready, so, we headed to our local dive shop and asked for some expert help.  After completing both our confined water dives and our open water dives with the gear that was recommended to us, we’re happy to report that the gear was comfortable and suited us quite well.  We would recommend any of the gear below for anyone who’s looking for durable quality gear to start their scuba adventure.



$54 / mask

We both chose Deep See Clarity masks, Alexis got the teal and Josh opted for the black on black.



$30 / snorkel

Alexis picked the Deep See Snorkel Twinflex Semi-Dry in Aqua and Josh picked the Deep See Snorkel Black / Black.



$42 / pair

At the advice of our scuba pro, we both picked the Mares Classic Booties.  Compared to normal shoes, the fit was large, so we ended up getting sizes that were smaller than our normal shoe size for the perfect fit.  There are zip closures on the inside of the bootie and grippy rubber treads on the bottoms.



$130 / pair

We both opted for the Aqua Lung Hot Shot fins.  Alexis got the white and black and Josh got the blue and gray.  We chose these fins because they’re a bit shorter than standard fins, though they have adjustments to make them longer.  The shorter the fin, the easier to pack, travel with and store away.





Alexis opted for the HyperFlex Access 3/2mm Women’s Full Suit in black and teal, while Josh picked the NeoSport 3mm Neoprene Men’s Shorty Suit.  We picked both of them up through LeisurePro’s eBay shop, which offered a 30 day return policy, just in case.




We picked out our masks, snorkels, booties and fins and went to pay and realized we had no good way of carrying all our gear around!  A gear bag was a must and this one fit both of our current set ups with no problem.  It’s 30″ x 16″ and made of a durable mesh material.

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