2019 Bonaire Trip: Money Review

In true Small Living, Big Life fashion, we’re disclosing the nitty-gritty, dollar-by-dollar, nothing-hidden, full cost of our 8 day Bonaire adventure.  Let’s break it down!  In part, the full financial disclosure posts help us keep ourselves accountable.  But, we’ve found that it’s pretty damn difficult to find reliable, honest answers about how much things really … Continue reading 2019 Bonaire Trip: Money Review

2019 Escape The Winter Trip: Day 6

Waking up Thursday was pretty rough.  Mostly because Josh was up multiple times Wednesday night with pain in the back of his head.  If you read the post from Tuesday, you’ll remember that Josh felt something sting his head during the beginning of their night dive, but, we weren’t able to find any marks and … Continue reading 2019 Escape The Winter Trip: Day 6