2019 Escape The Winter Trip: Day 5

After breakfast, we made plans with a few dive buddies for the morning.  The boys were headed to get in some more dives in order to get their required 40 logged dives to start their divemaster training.  Meanwhile, the girls made plans to take the rental truck and head south on the island to scope out some of Bonaire’s history and beautiful views.

Bonaire Fact: In the early days of salt trading, ships would moor outside the reef and small boats would bring the ships their salt.  Originally smoky fires were lit on top of mounds of corals to guide ships into the correct site for loading.  There were four pans each producing a different grade of salt.  Later four obelisks, one orange, one red, one white and one blue (representing the flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) were constructed at the saltpans.  The ships would know by the color coded obelisk where to anchor for fetching the grade of salt that they were purchasing.

The huge white “mountain” that you can see through the window is a huge pile of sand that was scraped up from one of the salt pans.

Postcard perfect Bonaire view!
Some of the beaches on the southeast side of the island were made up of these really smooth coral “tubes.”

Ruins near the lighthouse at the south end of the island.
The landscape at the southern tip of the island transformed from white sandy, coral beaches to rocky, barren, desert-like surroundings.
The Willemstoren Lighthouse was built in 1837. Locals stop here to collect pieces of driftwood and to build pyramids from objects that have washed ashore.

The southwest / windward side of the island. Not so good for shore diving, I’d say!
Wild donkeys alongside the road.

After exploring the southern tip of Bonaire, we headed back to the resort for some lunch and to meet up with the guys.  While we were exploring, the guys got 6 more dives done and only needed 2 more in order to get to 40 a piece and qualify to begin working on their divemaster certifications.

After lunch, we decided to do 2 dives at house reef from the pier by the restaurant in order to finish up the guys 40 dives.  We saw another huge rainbow parrotfish (affectionately dubbed the Grand Master parrotfish, of course) and 2 flounder.  After surfacing, we did a quick congratulations, as the guys were now eligible to begin working on their divemaster certifications, after they run the ink out of a few pens logging all their dives so far this week!  (Congrats, guys!  I’m super excited to document your divemaster journey!)

We headed back to our room to get showers and went to dinner for the first time this week without being salty or wet – how FANCY!?  Josh opted out from a night dive and, instead, we headed to the resort’s beach bar for a pina colada after dinner and then back to the room for some much needed sleep.

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