Month In Review: January 2019

Tuesday, 1/1/2019 – A much appreciated day of not having to report to the office.  But, that certainly didn’t mean the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook all day…We traded our traditional good luck pork and sauerkraut in for paint and brushes and spent the day at home, painting kitchen cabinets.  Ain’t no rest for those that are trying to get their house ready to be sold!

Thursday, 1/3/2019 – We got a pretty sweet surprise today!  Each year, our credit union gives some of it’s profits back to it’s members.  We usually get around $60 back.  But, this year, our credit union relationship reward was a shocking $522.80!  Thanks very much, PSECU!  That’ll pay for some kitchen renovation supplies, for sure!

Friday, 1/4/2019 – These days, an exciting Friday night is finding butcher block countertops at our local Home Depot and being able to save ourselves a day’s worth of driving around on a wild goose chase to find them somewhere else.  The countertops were pretty reasonably priced, so, instead of spending thousands on granite, we ended up spending less than $800 on solid wood, replacements.  SWEET!

Saturday, 1/5/2019 – We got up early Saturday morning and started installing our newly purchased butcher block countertops in kitchen.  The Tung Oil provided an absolutely beautiful finish on these babies!

Sunday, 1/6/2019 – The countertop install was not nearly as painful or time-consuming as I had imagined it would be and we ended up finishing the installation on Sunday.  We’ll follow up with a few more coats of Tung Oil finish throughout the week before actually putting them to use, but, so far, so good!  The difference we’ve made so far in the kitchen is incredible!

Friday, 1/11/2019 – After years of going back and forth about what we wanted to do for the backsplash in the kitchen, we finally made up our minds.  We headed to our local Lowe’s and picked up 400 white subway tile, with intentions of laying them in a herringbone pattern.  It felt really good to be walking out of Lowe’s with $88 worth of subway tile for backsplash instead of spending $400+ on a different alternative.  We over-bought, just in case, so we’ll actually end up getting some of the $88 back, too.  Tomorrow, we start laying tile!  WOOHOO!

Saturday, 1/12/2019 – It was DAMN cold outisde so we spent the day putting trim up at the windows in the kitchen and laying the backsplash!  I’m absolutely in love with how it’s turning out, and the fact that the last little bit of 1980’s wallpaper is disappearing before our eyes!

Sunday, 1/13/2019 – We spent the day finishing up the backsplash in the kitchen and it looks FANTASTIC!   Next up is trim work and installing the floor.  It’s hard to believe that we’ll be trading in house work for boat work, but that reality keeps getting closer and closer…

Thursday, 1/17/2019 – WOOHOO for another APY rate increase on our Ally high-yield savings account!  We’re currently earning 2.20% APY on all the boat bucks we’re squirreling away which is awesome!  In other exciting news, the 2018 income tax documents are starting to roll in and I can’t WAIT to get our taxes done and filed!

Saturday, 1/19/2019 – In Central PA, every snowstorm seems to incite a riot among the general public.  The forecast for today was no different…

Sunday, 1/20/2019 – As with most Central PA snowstorms, this weekend’s snowstorm was a big flop.  We ended up getting about 2″ of snow.  Wooooooo!

Friday, 1/25/2019 – It’s that time again.  That time of year when my nerd really shines…it’s TAX TIME!  Even though we were packing to leave the country in the morning, we got the last document we needed to finish our 2018 taxes.  I couldn’t help myself and had no rest in my ass until I sat down and got all of our taxes done.  It was actually a really fantastic way to start vacation!  Nerd level: extreme.  Next up, BONAIRE!

The end of January can be summed up in one awesome word: BONAIRE!  Since there was so much to say and remember about our trip, each day earned it’s own post.  Check them out here:

Saturday, 1/26/2019

Sunday, 1/27/2019

Monday, 1/28/2019

Tuesday, 1/29/2019

Wednesday, 1/30/2019

Thursday, 1/31/2019

Extra Income Source Amount Earned
Visa Rewards $48.74
Ally High-Yield Savings Account Interest $50.99

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