2019 Escape The Winter Trip: Day 8

Let’s just say this morning was a TOUGH one!  Knowing that it was our last day in Bonaire, it was really hard to get the day started.  We got up early, of course, and headed for our last breakfast at the Tipsy Seagull.  After breakfast, we lingered at the restaurant for quite some time, mingling with our dive buddies.  Some, like us, were headed home today.  And, some fortunate ones were staying for the second week of the epic trip.  To say we were jealous of those spending another week on the island would have been a severe understatement.

We decided it was finally time to accept the reality that we needed to get cleaned up and packed up and headed back to the room.  We spent the time packing and cleaning up talking about our plans to do everything possible to shorten the timeline associated with our “get away plan” and get going as soon as possible.  We also decided that we’d be back to Bonaire.  Next time, hopefully on our own boat!

A final picture of the view from our room at the resort.

Before leaving the resort, we finished up our dive logs and made sure to stop by Toucan Diving to get our dive logs stamped.  Trying to milk more time our of the beautiful island, we fiddled around at the dive shop for a while and then headed for the rental car return and airport.  Begrudgingly.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, other than ALOT of discussion about ways we could shorten our timeline and get going sooner than our anticipated departure date.  Let the scheming begin!  Our flight departed Bonaire at 1530 local time, en route to Newark, NJ.  We ended up making it home around 2345, with a few inches of snow laying on the ground that would need attention in the morning.  What a homecoming!

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