Month In Review: February 2019

Monday, 2/4/2019 – Oy, today was ROUGH!  It was our first day back to work after being in beautiful Bonaire and it was a STRUGGLE to make it happen!

Tuesday, 2/5/2019 – We decided that we would be making the pilgrimage to the 2019 Spring Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD in April, so, we went ahead and bought our tickets while they were on sale, buy one get one free.  We saved $12 with the coupon code!  Woohoo for saving money!

Thursday, 2/7/2019 – Having returned from Bonaire with a fresh sense of motivation for accelerating our plan to sell everything, quit our jobs and sail away, we reached out to a prospective boat broker with hopes to be able to set up some time with him for the first weekend in March to check out a boat that we’ve been eyeing for some time and some other boats that may work for us.  Let’s kick this plan in the ass and get going!

Saturday, 2/9/2019 – We were pretty excited when we received a returned call from our prospective boat broker, letting us know that he would be happy to work with us to find our future boat!  We spent some time talking with him about our future plans. We made plans to go to Kent Island to meet up with him the first weekend of March, which was the next weekend I wouldn’t be on call and I would be off work on that Friday, too.  So, we made plans to meet in Deltaville, Virginia the first weekend of March for a boat shopping weekend. He suggested that we plan to look at some other boats while we’re in Deltaville, since it will be a 5 hour drive for us and a 3 hour drive for him. So, we agreed to check out about 4 boats in Deltaville, VA on Friday, 3/1/2019 and then do some more boat recon on Kent Island on Saturday, 3/2/2019. BOAT SHOPPING HAS BEGUN!  Is this for real?!

“Guys, what the hell are you doing to my house NOW?!”

Monday, 2/11/2019 – We made some progress in the kitchen by getting the stove, dishwasher and fridge moved back into their spots and reconnected, making the kitchen at least usable.  The slate tile still needs sealed but has to sit for a week before we can seal it.  It’s looking FANTASTIC!

Wednesday, 2/13/2019 – We took a break from the work chaos to have some dinner and drinks at the annual Lezzer Lumber Expo.  I don’t really know why but it’s something I look forward to going to every year.  As usual, we left full, happy and thankful to have spent a few hours with some good friends.

Thursday, 2/14/2019 – Our annual tradition of being hermits on Valentine’s Day.  We stayed at home, saved a ton of money and aggravation and had New York strips, lobster tails and crab-stuffed portabella mushrooms.  YUM!

Saturday, 2/16/2019 – We took a break from house work and decided to check out the local Dave and Buster’s that opened last year.  We found it to be overpriced with pretty disappointing service and much less exciting than I had hoped, but, we had a good time anyway.  We won’t be headed back anytime soon, but, at least it got us out of the house and away from laying tile for a few hours.

Sunday, 2/17/2019 – We tiled more of the kitchen floor.  We’ve got less than a 1/3 of the floor to go and we’re DONE!

Tuesday, 2/19/2019 – More snow in the forecast for tomorrow, they say.  But, the next day, they’re calling for temperatures in the 50’s, so, hopefully whatever snow that falls will melt away quickly.  The dog has about had it with the winter…

Friday, 2/22/2019 – Today was definitely a day worth remembering!  After 7 long years of rehabbing our house, Josh laid the LAST piece of tile that we will ever lay in this house!  It’s pretty perfect timing because a week from today, we start BOAT SHOPPING!

Saturday, 2/23/2019 – Grouting the tile in the kitchen = DONE!  Also, received this photo of Josh and I from one of our dives in Bonaire from a dive buddy…

Thursday, 2/28/2019 – We FINALLY finished the kitchen floor tile project by sealing the slate tile.  What a feeling of accomplishment – not only finishing the kitchen floor, but finishing the last major project of the house remodel!  Now, it’s time to focus on finishing up the work at the house and start boat shopping!

Extra Income Source Amount Earned
Visa Rewards $72.34
Ally High-Yield Savings Account Interest $63.26
Ebates $31.18

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