Month In Review: April 2019

Wednesday, 4/3/2019 – Josh had his first knowledge review in pursuit of his divemaster certification.  I spent the evening gathering supplies and prepping to head to the boat for the weekend for our first epic adventure in the boat – Deltaville, VA to Kent Island, MD – by ourselves.

Friday, 4/5/2019 – Sunday, 4/7/2019 – Our maiden voyage on our new-to-us boat.  We successfully moved the boat from Deltaville, VA to Kent Island, MD!  Much more about that trip coming soon!

Thursday, 4/11/2019 – Monday, 4/15/2019 – It was FINALLY time for our much anticipated Tortuga 2019 adventure!  Check out how the weekend went right here.

Hanging out in Harrisburg International Airport, excited to be heading SOUTH!

Friday, 4/19/2019 – Sunday, 4/21/2019 – We headed to the boat for the weekend.  (I’m pretty sure I’m going to be writing that ALOT going forward!)  It was a pretty significant weekend, as it was the dog’s first time on the boat and he did really well.  He didn’t end up falling in the water and only barked at a few of our marina neighbors.  The water was so high from the storms that Josh had to heave the dog on and off the boat all weekend, which was pretty entertaining.  We got the LPG detector installed and the faucet finally installed, after another quick trip to the hardware store on Saturday.  We did some more troubleshooting and determined that we’re going to need to replace the HVAC raw water pump as it’s leaking and sounds like the bearings are going out.  We also retook the measurements for the hot water heater since the measurements we took before didn’t make any sense.

The water was so high from the wind blowing the water in from the bay!

The dog. In his *new* happy place.
LPG detector install = DONE!

Marina watchdog.
A bit of relaxation after a full day’s work on the boat.
Josh got up to get a drink and the seat was left vacant…
Sunday morning Divemaster studies in the cockpit.

I think he’s adjusted pretty well to being a boat dog.
New Small Living, Big Life decal put on the transom! LOVE IT!

Friday, 4/26/2019 – Sunday, 4/28/2019 – I had to work late on Friday evening, but, after that, we packed up and headed to the boat for the weekend.  We had previously purchased tickets for the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show on Saturday, 4/27/2019.  I’m glad we got the tickets buy one, get one free for a grand total of $12 for two tickets because, quite honestly, the show wasn’t great.  What boat show doesn’t even have a vendor involved that sells boat hooks?!  Really…it was pretty damn disappointing.

It was a beautiful day, though, so we spent $9 on some candied cashews, had a walk around and then decided it was time to head to somewhere that would be able to sell us a new boat hook.  I had heard of a second-hand boat store near Annapolis on one of the Facebook groups a while ago but couldn’t remember what it was called.  A quick Google searched jogged my memory – the place was called Bacon Sails and Marine Supplies(I’m still not sure how I didn’t remember it being named BACON…) It was only a short drive from the boat show, so, we hopped in the truck and headed over to check it out.  Fast forward two hours, we walked out of Bacon with an armfull of boat supplies (including a new boat hook!) for a really reasonable price.  And, we had two hours of entertainment wandering around the HUGE building full of trinkets and treasures.

So much boat stuff at Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies!

Since both the hot water heater and the HVAC raw water pump had arrived during the week (thanks, Amazon Prime!), we were ready to take care of installing both of them.  Both installations were pretty straightforward, as we were replacing the old part with an exact same new part.  A few hours later, we now have heat, air conditioning, and hot water!  WOOHOO!

New, non-leaking hot water heater.
Josh attempting to free the old HVAC raw water pump.
I PROMISE he wasn’t smiling like this the whole time…

Sunday morning…50 shades of grey.
Extra Income Source Amount Earned
Visa Rewards $169.67
Ally High-Yield Savings Account Interest $40.87

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