Month In Review: July 2019

Thursday, 7/4/2019 – Sunday, 7/7/2019 – Since the 4th of July fell on a Thursday this week, we decided to take Friday off and spend a long, holiday weekend at the boat and we are really happy we did! We got a TON of boat projects checked off our to do list and enjoyed some hearty doses of rest and relaxation, too! If you’re interested, you can check out what we got accomplished over here – – on the page we’ve started to keep track of all of our maintenance and improvements. Here’s some snapshots of our holiday weekend…

What a difference our new folding wheel will make in accessibility within the cockpit! Look at all that space we will regain!
Here come the storms!
While it poured outside, we found and marked leaky windows for repair inside.
After the rain stopped, Josh got busy pulling and rebedding the leaky windows.
We took a road trip to Rock Hall, MD to check out a chandlery. While we were in Rock Hall, we made a stop at the Harbor Shack for some lunch and cocktails. “NO WIFI…Enjoy your company…talk to each other…Pretend its 1993.” LOVE IT!
At the bar at the Harbor Shack. A pretty cool, open air place. Great views of surrounding marinas and fishing boats coming back in with their catches of the day.
Obligatory selfie at The Jetty. Because, can we even go a weekend without going to The Jetty?!
The previous owner left us a metal contraption that we hadn’t identified until this weekend. It’s a stove-top toaster! Thanks, Andy!
Stove-top toaster worked GREAT and breakfast on the boat was even better!

Wednesday, 7/10/2019 – After some lengthy tinkering with the dinghy motor didn’t solve the “it keeps stalling out” problem, we figured it was time to spend some money replacing some key components that may be the culprits. Dinghy motor parts were delivered today and Josh disappeared to the garage to fix the damn dinghy motor, once for all.

Saturday, 7/13/2019 – Sunday, 7/14/2019 – Back to the boat for another round of projects toting a few tubes of Dow 795, a sewing machine and some laundry detergent.

Window leaks be GONE!
Josh, hard at work, sewing a curtain for the companionway.
Finished companionway curtain. Looks great and works splendidly!
The dog seized the opportunity to sleep all weekend…
15 years since the washing machine had been run led to some anxious moments as I put soap into it and asked it to wash our bed sheets. We were quite pleased when all went well and we ended up with clean, dry sheets! The only problem is that it took 21 GALLONS of water to wash and dry one load of laundry. Oy!

Friday, 7/19/2019 – Sunday, 7/21/2019 – They’re calling for a 100°+ heat wave this weekend? Great, let’s go tent camp with no electricity at Dutch Springs!

Another “why do we live here?!” moment.
Home sweet tent for the next few days.
We weren’t the only ones that contended with the heat of sleeping in a tent all weekend…

We actually had a pretty good justification for sweating our asses off camping at Dutch Springs for the weekend. Saturday was Women’s Dive Day and both Josh and I had volunteered to help. Despite the blistering heat, it was a great day. Josh got to get some more boxes checked off on his divemaster checklist, too.

Monday, 7/22/2019 – I was given yet another stark reminder of why we have decided to sell our stuff, quit our jobs and go live our lives as fully as we possibly can…Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us and life certainly isn’t going to wait until it’s “convenient” to experience adventures.

Saturday, 7/27/2019 – Sunday, 7/28/2019 – We spent the weekend on the boat with Josh’s brothers. And, I’m pretty happy to report that I did not take one single picture all weekend long. Actually, I nearly forgot about my phone all weekend long. It was a perfect weekend of swimming, eating and a whole lot of laughing! Let’s do it again, soon, guys!

The dog was exhausted from a weekend of snacks and love.

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