Month In Review: August 2019

Friday, 8/2/2019 – Sunday, 8/4/2019 – Since we hadn’t been to camp since hunting season late last year, we took a weekend off from boat work, diving and house projects and spent the weekend at camp. There wasn’t much evidence produced this weekend, but, I kind of can’t get over how cool it is to be a Dalmatian!

Wednesday, 8/7/2019 – Our final piece of serious safety gear for our life aboard SV Moxie arrived today! How fancy will we be with our automatically inflating, offshore sail PFDs?

Thursday, 8/8/2019 – Planning to not have a plan is some pretty serious business! And, well, adulting. Adulting is some pretty serious business, too. Check another “we really should…” off our list!

In other exciting news today, I’m pretty sure with US Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation officially makes us official! (Not surprisingly, it contained errors that need to be fixed. But, for now, this’ll do!)

Monday, 8/12/2019 – Well, the dog really outdid himself this time! While I was helping Josh study for his divemaster test, the dog was outside. After hearing constant barking for a while, I poked my head outside to see what the dog had gotten into. Much to my surprise, the dog was at the bottom of a tree quite close to the house, with a mama bear and her two cubs clinging to the tree trunk above him. We’re all pretty lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked! At least we got some pretty cool photos!

Wednesday, 8/14/2019 – After spending some time completing his remaining tasks, Josh took his divemaster test this evening. And passed, of course! He’s officially gone pro as a PADI Divemaster! One more goal checked off the list as we prepare for our epic adventure. Congratulations, best friend. I am so proud of you!

Friday, 8/16/2019 – In super exciting news, our brand new, shiny 85lb anchor arrived! Now the question is…what to do with the 44lb Delta we’ll be taking off?

Saturday, 8/17/2019 – We made arrangements to spend the weekend on the boat with some friends we’ve grown to love that we met through West Shore Scuba. We took the opportunity to make a quick stop at The Jetty for breakfast before heading to Bacon Marine for some parts we needed to install our new anchor. After spending an ungodly amount of time in traffic trying to get back onto the island mid-day, we took care of installing the new anchor and the new cockpit stereo. Since I found a super sweet swing chair at Bacon Marine, we got that all rigged up, too.

$20 was a small price to pay for this comfy lounging!

Friday, 8/22/2019 – Sunday, 8/25/2019 – Honoring the annual tradition, it was time for the 2019 family beach house weekend. While we didn’t take any time off work this year, we did make sure to make it down to the beach house on Friday evening to spend at least a few days with the family.

This view never gets old!

I was pretty excited to embark on our traditional booze cruise, but, with 14 people in tow, we had to take both boats. It was fairly windy on Saturday, which made navigating to our usual hang out spot a bit more challenging than anyone felt like dealing with. Instead, we anchored both boats no far from the beach and did some clamming. All was well until a few people began to feel the effects of the not-so-great weather. In an effort to avoid anyone else becoming sick, we turned both boats for the dock.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out on the deck, enjoying some ice cold cocktails. We made plans with friends that happened to be in the area to meet up later in the day.

Josh, in one of his many happy places.

We took a short drive down the road to the Paradise Grill and met our friends for dinner, drinks and some live music. We drank more than we should have, stayed out later than we should have and all woke up the next morning feeling just a little bit fuzzy, just in time for the 5-hour drive home.

Friday, 8/30/2019 – Monday, 9/2/2019 – Boat for Labor Day weekend. Our marina held it’s annual slipholder picnic so we spent some time there on Friday evening. We counted 62 people in attendance and, as we expected, we were the youngest there (next to the minor children, of course). It was also a bit shocking we spend most weekends at our marina and recognized none of the other cookout guests. We meander through the entire marina pretty frequently, walking the dog, so it was pretty crazy to see 60+ people that have boats in the same marina that we’ve never seen before.

We headed back to the boat just as it was getting dark, and, just in time for the first lightshow of our newly installed solar rope lights from the bow back to the cabin!

We spent the rest of the holiday weekend attending to some random boat chores, cleaning out more cabinets, storage spaces and cubbies and relaxing as our boat slowly becomes our floating home.

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