Month In Review: September 2019

Monday, 9/2/2019 – We left the boat, begrudgingly, around lunchtime to head for home and prep for the work week to come. Josh was pretty excited to find that his official Divemaster documents had arrived over the weekend. He’s official now, folks!

Wednesday, 9/4/2019 – The family spent an unexpected day hanging out in the surgical waiting room, hoping and praying that surgery went well for Josh’s grandma. After 5+ hours of waiting, we were given the good news that surgery went well. The power of positive thinking! In other news…I ate hospital sushi and lived to tell about it. I like to consider myself a risk-taker… 🙂

Friday, 9/6/2019 – Sunday, 9/8/2019 – We headed to the boat for the weekend, knowing that we wouldn’t be back to the boat for a few weeks. The weekend was pretty relaxed, the major boat work project for the weekend was replacing the burned out light bulb in the cockpit light fixture.

Dog’s first experience with doggy donuts was met with suspicion.

The Chesapeake Bay experienced some pretty high high tides, thanks to the outer bands of Hurricane Dorian. The picture below is during high tide on Saturday, mid-day. While the docks didn’t end up under water during the day, the night-time high tide flooded the docks and they were most assuredly underwater.

Hose bibs were significantly underwater throughout the marina, with the water threatening to overtake the docks.

Saturday, 9/14/2019 – My top priority for the weekend was taking care of one of my to-do list items that’s been on the list since we took possession of the boat. I finally decided on what our “artwork” would be for the salon and ordered a custom 22″ x 35″ canvas of a photo I took on my cell phone in Bonaire in January. I wasn’t at all sure how the canvas would turn out but I was pleasantly surprised and it looks GREAT in the salon!



After our canvas mounting expedition, it was time to meet up with friends and family for Bike Week shenanigans! The weather held out and we were able to catch some rays and cocktails at the Oasis. We wrapped up the day with some AMAZING cheese steaks and a solid campfire under the stars at a nearby campground.

Thursday, 9/18/2019 – Surely someone will understand my confusion and resulting outrage…

It will ALWAYS be Oriental Ramen. ALWAYS.

Saturday, 9/21/2019 – Josh headed off to camp for fall work weekend and I stayed at home to take care of some much neglected housekeeping. I had a few friends stop by while he was gone…

Wednesday, 9/25/2019 – We spent a few houra enjoying a beautiful evening at the Country Club of Harrisburg for Josh’s company’s 25th anniversary celebration. It was a beautiful place and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for an outdoor gathering!

Happy to spend some time with these lovely ladies!

Saturday, 9/28/2019 – Sunday, 9/29/2019 – It felt good to be back to the boat, after it had been a few weekends since we made it. The traffic was insane, thanks to the start of a 2-year maintenance project on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, but, we made it and got a few things checked off our to-do list.

Fueled up and pumped out at Piney Narrows Yacht Haven.
The dog is exhausted by boat living…

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