Month In Review: October 2019

Wednesday, 10/2/2019 – Another token in the “get us the hell out of bipolar Central PA” pot…

Friday, 10/4/2019 – I’m open to any reason for celebration, especially when celebrating means eating tacos! Failing to celebrate National Taco Day would have been a severe fail.

Tacos de camarones y piña Jarritos. ¡Muy bien!
Supplying a National Taco Day feast for my staff went over pretty well!

We also got an exciting message from the Young Cruisers’ Association, inviting us to become a part of the YCA family. After some research, we decided that the Young Cruisers’ Association seemed like it was kind of the perfect group for us to join. Needless to say, we submitted our membership application that evening.

Saturday, 10/12/2019 – Sunday, 10/13/2019 – We headed to the boat for the weekend with some friends, with plans to spend the majority of the day Saturday at the 2019 United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis. (You can read about how we made out shopping for boat stuff here.) After leaving the boat show early due to flooding, we went back to the marina to find the situation was not too different. It was pretty insane, actually!

This is usually a gravel parking lot.
Marina neighbor Joe, giving us the lowdown on the water situation.
Walking down our dock, to the boat. The water was COLD!
Our dock. Completely submerged under about 5″ of water.
Friend contemplates agreeing to stay on our boat this weekend…
Congratulations on turning 6, Heather! 😀
Insane-o high water or not, the sunset was breathtaking!

Monday, 10/14/2019 – After 7 years living in our current home, we FINALLY installed the last piece of trim! It’s crazy how much motivation comes from the idea that we may be rapidly approaching being “free.”

It kind of looks like he’s in pain, but, it’s really a huge, happy smile, fitting in the last piece of trim!

We also found out today that our membership application was accepted and we are now a member of the Young Cruisers’ Association. HURRAY!

Majority of us drink too much, swear a bit (that may be modest), wake up with the sunrise, eat what we catch, soak up Vitamin D, read more books than we can count, fix things instead of throwing them out, enjoy bonfires on the beach, commute by dinghy, raise or will raise our children as world citizens, and genuinely understand goodbyes. It’s not about being an incredible sailor, or for that part knowing anything about sailing. We are all young cruisers because of the lifestyle choices we have made and the adventure that we are on, wherever in this world. The YCA exists to fuel your fire, blow a horn as you sail out of the safe harbor, share your passion, knowledge, kindness, hospitality, experiences, lifestyle, adventures, ups, downs, highs, lows, with other like minded fuckers, and connect you along the way.

Tuesday, 10/15/2019 – We got a call from Terrie with Kato Marine, confirming the details of our dinghy davit order. They scheduled the shipment of our new, sparkly davits and accessories for next week and we’re super excited! In other exciting news, we received an e-mail from some like-minded individuals who are embarking on their own 5 – 6 year plan toward sailboat life and have made some great progress so far. When I started writing about our “crazy plan” three years ago, I would have never thought that we would become inspiration for someone else, but, it’s so freakin’ cool! We’re rooting for you, Skipper and Cindy from SailRxSin!

Thursday, 10/17/2019 – We got notification at 11:30am that the power was out at home due to the high winds and trees on the power lines. It’s not uncommon for the power to go out at home because of where we live, but, it’s usually restored fairly quickly. When I got home at around 5pm, the power was still out, with no estimated time of restoration. I had a TON to get accomplished, which was a bit complicated by the lack of power, until I remembered that I brought my headlamp home from the boat a few weeks ago…

No power? NO PROBLEM!

Saturday, 10/19/2019 – My mom and stepdad finally made it to check out Moxie! We spent some of the day hanging out on the boat and catching up. The tide was super low so, unfortunately, taking a cruise was out of the question for Saturday. But, we had a good day, enjoying the sunshine, and having a great dinner at the Fisherman’s Inn.

We also took advantage of the beautiful, wind-less weather to take down our jib, since the marina required that it be removed in order for the boat to be hauled out for the winter. Josh and I were easily able to manage the task in under a half hour – a big win for problem-free boat tasks!

Wednesday, 10/23/2019 – Dinghy davit delivery day! How about that for alliteration!? Despite my excitement, Josh insisted that this box stay sealed until we’re ready for installation. Boooooo!

Thursday, 10/24/2019 – Josh turned 38 today! Amongst the construction zone that’s currently our house, we feasted on filet mignon’s, shrimp and crab salad. The caulk gun, drywall tape and paint hogging up the kitchen table have become pretty much our norm lately, but, dinner was GREAT!

Friday, 10/25/2019 – Fall in the mountains of Central PA is something I will definitely miss…

Monday, 10/28/2019 – We received our Young Cruisers Association burgee in the mail today and were pretty excited about it. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the spring to get it on the boat…but, that just means that we’re closer to untying the lines!

Thursday, 10/31/2019 – Halloween, yes, but, more importantly, the day that three of Josh’s younger coworkers came to the house and loaded up on tools to help get them set up. We were happy to pass a lot of things on and get stuff out of our house and garage! Thanks, guys!

Take it…TAKE IT ALL!

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