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2019 Chase The Sunshine Trip: Day 1

2019 Chase The Sunshine Trip: Day 1

It was FINALLY time to head out on our 2019 Chase The Sunshine Trip! After a quick trip to the eye doctor and a few hours of work, we headed home to pack the truck and get on the road. Half of the group left Pennsylvania on Christmas Day to begin the journey, towing the camper. We left the house on Friday, 12/27/2019, at 12:38pm to start the 18+ hour drive to Key Largo, Florida. Since there were three of us in the truck, we planned to drive through the night in order to get to our destination (and away from the cold!) as quickly as possible.

Our journey’s path, with plenty of delays to keep things interesting on a Friday afternoon.

We hit some traffic, but, overall, the drive was good and we made pretty good time on Friday. We passed into Virginia around 5pm; North Carolina around 7:30pm; and South Carolina around 10:30pm.

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