Escape The Winter Trip 2020: Day 12

We woke up knowing that today was going to be a pretty significant (and stress-relieving) day as the second dive of today would be Josh’s 100th dive. The 100th dive milestone was so significant for Josh (other than just being awesome!) because he needed at least 100 dives to be able to complete his open water scuba instructor certification. The requirements are 60 dives to start the certification process, but 100 dives to complete it. And, because his goal is complete his instructor certification in May at Dutch Springs, he wanted to get his 100 dives done and logged in the warm waters of the Caribbean instead of the frigid, murky waters of Dutch Springs. So, off we went for a day of diving and celebrating Josh’s 100 dives!

Our first stop of the morning was the Front Porch dive site that we visited last week. We were still in search of seahorses and frogfish, so, we figured we’d give it another go at this site. While we were unsuccessful on seeing seahorses and frogfish, we logged another long, leisurely dive.

Pederson Cleaner Shrimp.
Balloonfish. It looks like he has the Universe in his eyes…so cool!
Honeycomb Cowfish.
Sharpnose Puffer.
Queen Angelfish.
Queen Angelfish.

Our next stop involved a bit of scheming on the guys end, as they wanted to do something a little different in the search for seahorses, frogfish and Josh’s 100th dive. Since the current was pretty significant, the guys decided to do a drift dive from Coco Beach to Buddy Dive. The girls hopped in the truck and headed to Buddy Dive to pick the guys up once they got there. The guys had a great drift dive and Josh got to log his 100th dive! Onward toward Open Water Scuba Instructor certification!

Josh’s 100 Dives! WOOHOO! Congratulations, love!
Flamingo Tongue.
Trumpetfish among coral.
Honeycomb Cowfish.

The paced slowed down a bit after all the milestones we hit the past few days in Bonaire. JB hit 100 dives, Alexis hit 50 dives and then Josh hit 100 dives. It had been a busy 12 days of vacation in Bonaire! We decided to take it easy and did a long, leisurely dive at 18th Palm this afternoon.

Spotted Drum.
Queen Angelfish.
Spiny Lobster.
Christmas Tree Worms.
Spotted Moray Eel.
Sergeant Major.

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