Escape The Winter Trip 2020: Day 13

While the girls were snorkeling at the resort, the guys headed to Bonaire’s east coast for their much anticipated turtle dive of the trip. Since they got bumped from the trip last week, they were super excited to visit Turtle City early this morning. Their turtle trip was scheduled to be a two tank boat dive, but, unfortunately, the second dive was cancelled due to high winds on the east coast. (For anyone looking for a very cool, different adventure while diving on Bonaire, check out Bonaire East Coast Diving. It’s worth every penny!) The guys reported seeing over 30 turtles, large Moray Eels and even a manta ray on their east coast dive. How cool!

Spotted Eagle Ray.
Spotted Eagle Ray.
Hermit Crab.
JB, in his happy place.
Welcome to Turtle City!

After the guys got back from their Turtle City dive and we had some lunch, we decided we’d take advantage of the salt ship being out and head to Salt Pier for a dive with some of our group. Workers were doing some maintenance on the pier, so it was pretty loud underwater, but, it was a great dive.

Long-spined Urchin.
Spotted Moray Eel.

This was one of my “stand out” dives from this year’s trip as I saw a HUGE green moray eel while the guys were busy taking photos. By the time I got Josh’s attention, it was almost too late to get any pictures of it, but, at least Josh saw it and confirmed that it was AT LEAST 6 feet long. That thing is the stuff that nightmares are made of!

Green Moray Eel – this guy was AT LEAST 6 feet long!
Longjaw Squirrelfish.
Chain Moray Eel.
Blenny. Check out her beautiful eyelashes!

After our dive at Salt Pier, we headed back to the resort. In a stunning accomplishment, all four of us got showers before dinner and went to dinner clean and dry, for only the second time in 2 weeks. HAHA! Vacation life is GREAT! After dinner, we headed back to the room and nerded out, catching up on photo transfer, photo editing and blogging, until were were all in bed by 8:30pm. Vacation is EXHAUSTING!

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