Escape The Winter Trip 2020: Day 14

Today was a pretty sad day, as we turned in our dive weights and gathered our dive gear from the gear room back to our room. We decided, sadly, that we wouldn’t dive today so that our dive gear had an opportunity to dry out before flying home tomorrow. It was a pretty slow day, getting mostly unwaterlogged after a fantastic two weeks of diving. We indulged in one last snorkel at 18th Palm before officially ending our time in the beautiful waters of Bonaire.

The guys took the rental truck to get washed, de-sanded and fueled up so we’d be ready to turn it in tomorrow before our flight. We also made sure to pick up some flight snacks from the grocery store to save a bit of money at the airport and on the plane. Everything wet got hung out to dry in preparation for packing tomorrow morning.

We headed to the resort’s ScuBar around 5pm for the traditional end of the trip party and took some time to reflect on the two weeks in paradise. While we weren’t happy at all about coming back to frigid Pennsylvania after two weeks in Bonaire, there was a light at the end of the tunnel – we were scheduled to close on selling our house less than a week after getting home, so, that made things a bit less bittersweet.

Love these guys.
Week 2 West Shore Scuba group photo.

We headed to the beach barbecue after spending some time with friends at the ScuBar and watched our last sunset in Bonaire. For now, anyway…

Our last sunset in Bonaire…for now.

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