Month In Review: January 2020

Saturday, 1/4/2020 – We FINALLY got home after an extremely long, sick trip home from Florida. After we got home, we both collapsed on the couch and spent the rest of the day sleeping. Both of us being really sick for the entire drive from Florida to Pennsylvania sucked.

Sunday, 1/5/2020 – We picked up the dog from his nearly two-week long stay at the kennel. Apparently it was an exhausting experience…

Monday, 1/6/2020 – I officially transitioned from full-time, salaried employee to independent contractor. WOOHOO! While getting paid on a monthly basis is going to take some getting used to, it’s a perfect next step as we get closer to untying the lines…

Tuesday, 1/7/2020 – We were in the midst of playing clean up at work since being off for almost two weeks when Alexis got a crazy, uncontrollable nosebleed, resulting an ambulance and then a trip to Urgent Care. End result? Significant cauterization with ongoing bleeding and instruction to go see an ENT to see what’s going on. GREAT.

Wednesday, 1/8/2020 – The day started off with a request to delay closing on our house until Monday, 1/13/2020. After agreeing to the delayed closing date, we found out that our prospective buyer’s financing fell through and closing would not happen on 1/13/2020, or at all, unless the prospective buyer is able to secure financing with a different lender. We agreed to an extension of the contract to allow the prospective buyer some time to secure alternate financing, as we’ve been working to finalize this deal with this prospective buyer since November. Fingers crossed that things can get straightened out…

Tuesday, 1/14/2020 – While reviewing our financial stuff, I made a pretty incredible discovery! Our credit scores have FINALLY gone over 800! It’s a pretty nerdy victory, but, something we’re pretty proud of. (I’m kinda bummed that both of our credit scores are the exact same now, as that was kind of a running competition…) But, I’m really interested to see how our credit scores will be impacted once we no longer have a mortgage, boat loan or any other debt. I’ve read that credit scores are more like debt scores and that things tend to plummet when you’re debt free (specifically “paying off non-credit card debt early may actually make you less creditworthy”), so it’s be an interesting experiment.

Wednesday, 1/15/2020 – For comedic relief, amongst the stress of returning to work after two weeks off, prepping for another two-week trip out of the country and trying to sell our damn house…

Friday, 1/17/2020 – This evening was our Bonaire pre-trip meeting with West Shore Scuba. We knew some of the people that would be joining us on the trip, but, it was nice to meet some of the people we didn’t know that we’d be spending time with in Bonaire. We’re counting down the days until it’s time to get on the plane!

Sunday, 1/19/2020 – We cancelled our internet service at home a few weeks ago, anticipating closing on our house in early January. But, since we didn’t close on the house, we were stuck between a rock and a hard place when it came to internet access. We spent most of today running around, trying to track down WiFi in order to get some things taken care of on our computers. What an exciting life we live!

Thursday, 1/23/2020 – Coming home to a buck sleeping in our yard is one of the things I will miss most when sell our house and leave Central PA…

Friday, 1/24/2020 – Excitement could not be contained today! We leave for Bonaire for TWO WEEKS early tomorrow morning and we can’t WAIT! We spent the evening taking care of last minute things and stuffing things into over-packed luggage. Also, rumor has it that the kennel will be throwing a going away party for the dog while he’s there for two weeks, since this is likely to be his last kennel adventure. He’s not spoiled at all

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