Our first step toward regaining control of our lives was getting control of our finances and getting rid of the “stuff” that was weighing us down.  We did a TON of writing about our journey with Dollars And Sense, hoping to help someone else along the way.  Here’s our treasure trove!

Ebates (Now Rakuten) – Get Your Own Money Back!

We’ve been using Ebates (now Rakuten) since 2014 to get our own money back and we LOVE it!  Read more about why and how we use Ebates / Rakuten to get quarterly cash back checks mailed to us.

Going To War With The Debt Monster

In September 2016, we had $73,676.99 of consumer debt.  By June 2018, we paid it ALL off.  Read more about how we became consumer-debt free in 21 months.

Purging Our Stuff

Our 2,200 square foot house and 3-car garage were PACKED with stuff.  In order for us to move forward, we had to lighten the load.  Read more about how we minimized our possessions to be able to fit onto a 42′ sailboat.

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