3/30/2019: Replaced fire extinguisher and mounted fire extinguisher in aft cabin. Organized and labeled life jackets, air horns, flares and emergency rudder tiller. Identified fresh water leak at guest head shower. Guest head shower water line turned off at manifold. Fresh water leak at both galley faucet and hot water heater. Galley faucet and hot water heater need replaced.

4/7/2019: Installed three replacement carbon monoxide detectors. Changed named and hailing port on stern. Measured hot water heater dimensions for replacement.

4/20/2019: Installed LPG detector in galley. Installed new faucet in galley sink. HVAC raw water pump is leaking and sounds like bearings are going out – should be replaced ASAP. Remeasured hot water heater dimensions for replacement.

4/29/2019: Installed new HVAC raw water pump. Installed new hot water heater. Purchased Raymarine Axiom 9 chartplotter and Raymarine Quantum 18″ radome to replace existing hardware.

5/4/2019: Purchased Caribe dinghy from Annapolis Inflatables. Determined existing ACR EPIRB and 2 personal locator beacons were beyond repair and would need replaced at some point. Installed Raymarine Axiom 9 chartplotter.

5/24/2019: Purchased Honda 15 HP motor from Annapolis Inflatables. Picked up both Caribe dinghy and Honda 15 HP motor from Annapolis Inflatables.

5/25/2019: Recalibrated black water and fresh water tank sensors. Recalibration appears to have been successful. Fuel sensor continues to display completely empty, though we know it is not. Additional troubleshooting needed to resolve issue. Updated Navionics chart card for Axiom 9 chartplotter. Took dinghy and motor for a test ride. Honda 15 HP motor stalled numerous times and needs work before it’s run again. Installed Raymarine Quantum 18″ Radome.

6/1/2019: Got diesel and pumped out. Bowthruster is inoperable and needs serviced. Bowthruster battery appears to not be charging properly.

6/15/2019: Installed Xantrex Digital Echo-Charge Battery Charger to charge bowthruster battery – appears to have resolved underperforming bowthruster. Dinghy registration stickers applied and expire 12/31/2020. Registered Raymarine Quantum 18″ Radome online for 3 year warranty.

6/16/2019: Filled both propane bottles at Western Tire & Auto for a total of 3.8 gallons ($13.27).

6/23/2019: Tested bowthruster leaving the slip and docking – battery charger appears to have fully resolved underperformance issue. Investigated non-functional stereos in cockpit, aft cabin and forward cabin. Determined 7.5 amp fuse in “Stereo Memory” fuse port was fried. Replaced fuse and power was restored to all three stereros. We’ve got music in the cockpit now – WOOHOO! Checked three sea strainers for debris. Sea strainers were clear of debris. Replaced starboard bow line with thicker line. Port bow line still needs switched out when port side slip is empty. Added two Penn fishing rod and reel combos to boat.

7/10/2019: Replaced fuel pump and carburetor on Honda 15 HP dingy motor. Motor appears to run much more consistently without stalling out. Motor is ready for sea trial.

7/4/2019: Removed Bose 3-2-1 system and installed Jensen media center head unit. Bluetooth audio and video via HDMI now operable. Installed spice holders in pantry. Installed New Providence Tank Monitor for waste, water and fuel tanks. Drained and refilled water tanks and calibrated for both levels. Installed Lewmar 40″ folding wheel. Added (1) missing hose clamp to vanity discharge seacock. Resealed two windows using butyl tape and LifeCaulk. (After some consideration, we will not proceed with this method.) Emptied bilge using shop vac and scrubbed it. Cleaned fins on forward HVAC unit.

7/13/2019: Installed rail mount flag pole holder, teak flag pole and flag. Sewed curtain for companionway. Sealed three windows using Dow 795. Installed faceplate for Jensen media center head unit. Repaired hinged trashcan lid for galley.

8/17/2019: Removed 44lb Delta anchor and installed 85lb Mantus anchor. Removed West Marine stereo from cockpit and replaced with Jensen Media center head unit (same as saloon). Replaced waterproof cockpit stereo cover.

8/30/2019: Installed exterior solar lights from bow to cabin. Installed storage shelf in v-berth and cleaned out forward head, storing contents on newly installed storage shelf. Purged and sorted galley utensils and stored sharp knives in knife holder. Removed previous owner’s cutlery and replaced with cutlery from home. Installed additional cup holders in cockpit. Replaced (4) portlight screens with made-to-order screens from Bomar. Found a suitable home for liquor bottles. Troubleshot generator issues: determined it was extremely low on coolant and has a fuel leak at the fuel filter. Added coolant to generator and tested, which seemed to be successful, though fuel leak remains. Determined previous owner replaced factory fuel filter with generic, resulting in fuel hoses not fitting properly and causing a leak. Ordered new fuel filter, fuel line and accessories from Fischer Panda for installation. Updated chartplotter and radome with newest software. Filled water tanks (were at 11%).

9/7/2019: Replaced cockpit light bulb. Broke cockpit table catch – need to replace in order to use the cockpit table, however factory part is custom fabricated and $46 – Josh will make suitable replacement part.

9/28/2019: Got diesel fuel and pumped out at Piney Narrows Yacht Haven. (Black water tank was FULL.) Assessed stuffing box and determined that it needs adjusted but is too corroded to adjust safely while the boat is in the water. Will request adjustment by marina when boat is hauled out later this year. Replaced generator fuel filter, washer, fuel hose, clamp and fuel feed hose with correct replacement parts from Panda Fischer to resolve fuel leakage issue. (For future reference, generator fuel filter is Wix Fuel Filter 33012)

11/3/2019: Drained water tanks to empty to prepare for winterization. Power cords disconnected and stowed. Dinghy motor removed and stored off boat. All soft items (bedding, towels, pillows, etc.) and liquids removed from boat and stored.

11/17/2019: Winterized water system, HVAC system and generator while boat was in the water. Used 16 gallons of antifreeze.

12/17/2019: Moxie hauled out by Lippincott Marine for the winter. Pumped out and main engine winterized by Lippincott Marine. Used 2 gallons of antifreeze.

2/15/2020: Visited Moxie while she was on the hard for the winter. Thru-hulls visually inspected with no concerns. Zincs on prop (2) and zinc on bowthruster are degraded and need replaced. Requested Lippincott Marine replace (3) zincs before refloating. Identified 4 – 5″ vertical crack above bootstripe on port side aft. Requested Lippincott Marine to assess crack for need for repair prior to refloating. Requested Lippincott Marine assist with breaking jam nut free on stuffing box in order to adjust or repack.

3/23/2020: Boat was splashed. Water system was airlocked at the pump, which was an easy fix. HVAC system was also airlocked at the pump, which was another easy fix by loosening the 3-thumb screws at the pump and letting the air bubble out. We forgot to winterize the anchor washdown in the fall and the sea strainer cracked. It will need replaced (and added to our winterization list so we don’t forget again).

3/30/2020: Flushed water tanks, thoroughly. Connected hose water filter to filter water before it enters the water tanks onboard. Installed drinking water filter and .5 micron filter. (Note to self: change the water filter every 350 gallons and the .5 micron filters are the RED one’s.)

3/31/2020: Troubleshot the Splendide washer / dryer that refused to turn on. Solution: slam the door. For now, anyway. All accessible light bulbs in the cabin were switched to LED bulbs.

4/3/2020: Installed Ferris battery monitor. Determined that our existing house bank of two flooded lead acid batteries are 8 years old, with no maintenance records, and do not hold a charge. Agreed that it was time to replace the batteries. Ordered two new Renogy AGM 200ah batteries from Home Depot at $360 per battery. Installed bilge high water alarm. Identified a propane leak that was seeping into the cabin, source unknown at this time. Agreed that we would bite this bullet, too, and replace the propane tanks, as they are original to the boat (17 years old) and no longer safe to be refilled. Ordered two new, steel 11lb FlameKing propane tanks from Walmart for a total of $89. Also ordered a 15″ pigtail propane hose.

4/6/2020: Installed computer monitor mount. Installed outlet by aft cabin bed. Installed boat hook holders on deck. Filled water tanks (though they weren’t completely empty yet).

4/7/2020: Replaced both propane tanks with steel FlameKing 11lb tanks. Filled both new propane bottles at Western Tire & Auto for a total of 5 gallons ($17.44).

4/8/2020: Installed Kato Marine Island Davits.

4/11/2020: Cleaned Splendide washer / dryer filter.

4/14/2020: Serviced two cabintop winches.

4/15/2020: Put jib back on boat since being taken off for winter storage.

4/16/2020: Installed 3M Filtrete water filter under galley sink. Removed old water pump under galley sink and installed Shurflo Aqua King II 4.0 GPM water pump.

4/17/2020 – Installed bow board for gas can storage on port forward deck. Replaced propane regulator and hoses and the propane FINALLY works!

4/19/2020 – Installed (4) 110-watt solar panels on dodger and connector.

4/20/2020 – Bleached both water tanks. Instructions, for future reference:
1. Turn off hot water heater at the breaker; do not turn it on again until the entire process is complete.
1. Prepare a chlorine solution using one gallon of water and 1/4 cup (2 oz or 25 ml) Clorox or Purex household bleach (5% sodium Hypochlorite solution). With tank empty, pour chlorine solution into tank. Use one gallon of solution for each 5 gallons of tank capacity. (1 quart of bleach / 50 gallons of water tank capacity)
2. Complete filling of tank with fresh water. Open each faucet and drain cock until air has been released and the entire system is filled with bleach solution. Do not turn off the pump; it must remain on to keep the system pressurized and the solution in the lines.
3. Allow to stand for at least three hours, but no longer than 24 hours. (We filled in the evening, let it sit overnight and then flushed the next morning.)
4. Drain through every faucet on the boat (and if you haven’t done this in a while, it’s a good idea to remove any diffusion screens from the faucets, because what’s likely to come out will clog them). Fill the tank again with fresh water only, drain again through every faucet on the boat.
5. To remove excess chlorine taste or odor which might remain, prepare a solution of one quart white vinegar to five gallons water and allow this solution to agitate in tank for several days by vessel motion. (We didn’t do this, but, in case we need to in the future, here it is.)
6. Drain tank again through every faucet and flush the lines again by filing the tank 1/4 – 1/2 full and again flushing with potable water.

4/22/2020: Removed (2) old lead acid batteries and installed (2) new Renogy AGM 200ah batteries.

4/23/2020: For the past few days, our forward HVAC system has been displaying highly fluctuating ambient temperatures, causing the system to fail to heat despite cold temperatures inside the boat and switch into air conditioning when it should be heating. After some Googling and investigation, we determined that the thermostat may have failed, resulting in inappropriate temperature readings and erratic system behavior. Online recommendations suggest that an alternate air sensor be installed in order to correct the problem and restore normal system functioning. Ordered alternate air sensor. Tested davits by hoisting dinghy and motor and measured for davit stabilizer to be made.

4/25/2020: Finished running wire for solar panels.

4/26/2020: While finalizing the solar power system installation, we determined that the cabin lights and power were being controlled by the “start battery” switch under the navigation desk. Upon inspection, we identified that the (2) 300amp fuses were blown and the Guest 3420 battery isolator had been “jumped” by a previous owner, presumably because the isolator was no good. Replaced (2) 300amp fuses, removed Guest 3420 battery isolator and installed a Blue Sea Systems SI-ACR automatic charging relay. Finished connecting solar power system.

4/27/2020: Installed plug-and-play alternate air sensor for our Passport II HVAC system. System immediately began displaying proper ambient temperature and appropriately functioning to maintain user-set temperature.

4/28/2020: Removed the defunct battery isolator and replaced it with a newer, functioning piece. Replaced (2) 300 amp fuses that were blown. Finished connecting solar power system and installed Ferris Solar Charge Controller.

5/7/2020: Removed Xantrex Freedom 25 inverter charger. Installed Magum ME2512 inverter charger. Removed Ferris Battery Monitor. Installed Magum Battery Monitor Kit. Installed Magnum Remote Control for inverter charger.

5/8/2020: Installed Ferris Solar Monitor.

5/9/2020: Changed oil, oil filter, impeller and fuel filter in generator. Generator took approximately 3/4 gallon of oil. Generator had 460 hours on it at the time of service. Had great success using the Oil Boy extractor pump that was left on the boat by the previous owner. No mess, pretty quick and should definitely remember to use this for future maintenance.

5/12/2020: Changed oil, oil filter, fuel filters (x2) and impeller on main engine. Main engine took approximately 1.5 gallons of oil. Main engine had 1553 hours on it at the time of service. Used Oil Boy extractor again with great success. For future reference: water pump turns counterclockwise and the impeller must be in

6/2/2020: Removed original 100′ of 5/16″ chain and 200′ of rode from boat and replaced with new 200′ of 5/16″ G4 chain. Rode to be added, if needed, at a later date. Anchor chain marked every 14′ with (2) yellow chain markers. (To determine scope based on 7:1 ratio, divide depth by 2 and put out that number of marks.) Anchor chain locker drain was significantly clogged and needed opened. Anchor chain locker cleaned out.

6/7/2020: While at anchor, we turned on the generator to charge batteries before going to bed. Generator ran for approximately 20 minutes and then shut itself off. Upon inspection, the coolant overflow container was completely full. Troubleshooting necessary in order to remedy problem.

6/13/2020: Flushed Fischer Panda generator heat exchanger raw water circuit with Barnacle Buster and 350 gpm pond pump. 1 gallon Barnacle Buster makes 5 gallons diluted solution. Flushed with solution for two hours per 2.5 gallons of solution (4 hours total). Flushed with fresh water until the water ran clear afterwards. Found a piece of rubber while flushing with fresh water – not sure where it came from. Ran generator after flushing for about 40 minutes. No overheating was observed. Coolant in overflow container remained at same (low) level. Generator block temperature was 190; heat exchange temperature was 85; and coolant loop temperature was 155. Raw water exhaust appeared to be flowing more water than previously.

6/14/2020: Mantus AnchorMate installed.