"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take."
3/30/2019Replaced fire extinguisher and mounted fire extinguisher in aft cabin. Organized and labeled life jackets, air horns, flares and emergency rudder tiller. Identified fresh water leak at guest head shower. Guest head shower water line turned off at manifold. Fresh water leak at both galley faucet and hot water heater. Galley faucet and hot water heater need replaced.
4/7/2019Installed three replacement carbon monoxide detectors. Changed named and hailing port on stern. Measured hot water heater dimensions for replacement.
4/20/2019Installed LPG detector in galley. Installed new faucet in galley sink. HVAC raw water pump is leaking and sounds like bearings are going out - should be replaced ASAP. Remeasured hot water heater dimensions for replacement.
4/29/2019Installed new HVAC raw water pump. Installed new hot water heater. Purchased Raymarine Axiom 9 chartplotter and Raymarine Quantum 18" radome to replace existing hardware.
5/4/2019Purchased Caribe dinghy from Annapolis Inflatables. Determined existing ACR EPIRB and 2 personal locator beacons were beyond repair and would need replaced at some point. Installed Raymarine Axiom 9 chartplotter.
5/24/2019Purchased Honda 15 HP motor from Annapolis Inflatables. Picked up both Caribe dinghy and Honda 15 HP motor from Annapolis Inflatables.
5/25/2019Recalibrated black water and fresh water tank sensors. Recalibration appears to have been successful. Fuel sensor continues to display completely empty, though we know it is not. Additional troubleshooting needed to resolve issue. Updated Navionics chart card for Axiom 9 chartplotter. Took dinghy and motor for a test ride. Honda 15 HP motor stalled numerous times and needs work before it's run again. Installed Raymarine Quantum 18" Radome.
6/1/2019Got diesel and pumped out. Bowthruster is inoperable and needs serviced. Bowthruster battery appears to not be charging properly.
6/15/2019Installed Xantrex Digital Echo-Charge Battery Charger to charge bowthruster battery - appears to have resolved underperforming bowthruster. Dinghy registration stickers applied and expire 12/31/2020. Registered Raymarine Quantum 18" Radome online for 3 year warranty.
6/16/2019Filled both propane bottles at Western Tire & Auto for a total of 3.8 gallons ($13.27).
6/23/2019Tested bowthruster leaving the slip and docking - battery charger appears to have fully resolved underperformance issue. Investigated non-functional stereos in cockpit, aft cabin and forward cabin. Determined 7.5 amp fuse in "Stereo Memory" fuse port was fried. Replaced fuse and power was restored to all three stereros. We've got music in the cockpit now - WOOHOO! Checked three sea strainers for debris. Sea strainers were clear of debris. Replaced starboard bow line with thicker line. Port bow line still needs switched out when port side slip is empty.
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