2018 Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show Review

After going to the US Sailboat Show in the fall, we knew that making it to the Spring Sailboat Show this year was a priority.  What we didn’t know was that spring wasn’t going to be quite ready for spring-like weather in the middle of April!  No matter, we braved the chilly temperatures and made … Continue reading 2018 Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show Review

US Sailboat Show 2017 Review

We left home bright and sunshiney early on Saturday, 10/7/2017, en route to the US Sailboat Show.  The traffic was pretty light, surprisingly, and the drive was pretty uneventful except for a piece of a tractor trailer hitting the windshield of Josh’s truck, clipping along at 70mph.  Hopefully it will be fixable and not require … Continue reading US Sailboat Show 2017 Review

2016 US Power Boat Show Review.

As we had planned, we attended the US Power Boat Show in Annapolis, MD this past weekend.  Much to my delight, the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, which was a huge improvement from the Trawler Fest rain show.  We arrived on Kent Island on Saturday morning around 10ish.  We decided on our way that we would plan to … Continue reading 2016 US Power Boat Show Review.