The Bigger Flip Flop

(More Flip Then Flop, I think)

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Let me start by saying that I have no issue admitting when I make a mistake.

After hours and hours of Alexis and I talking over potential boat choices, we came to the realization that we should not rule out sailboats.  Then, after we went sailing for the first time, and talked about that experience, we decided that a sailboat is probably what we need.  There are a few realizations that brought us to that decision.

We would definitely like to travel, and as near as I can tell, wind is way less expensive than diesel fuel.  Even if there is no wind, the hull shape of a sailboat makes it easier to move through the water than most power boats.  Alexis and I also discussed the fact that there are more things that require attention when you are sailing rather than motoring.  I completely agree with that idea, but, to that I say, what else are you going to do all day?

I should also talk about the living accommodations on the boats themselves.  The older sailboats we were able to board at boat shows confirm what I had in my head about the amount of natural light and the cave like feel.  They also had more of ladders in the companion ways than steps.  But, when we boarded some of the newer monohulls, there were all kinds of windows letting huge amounts of natural light in below deck.  That was just the monohull boats.  If you start to look at catamarans, it’s a whole new idea of what being inside a boat can feel like.  Most catamarans have so many widows in the salon area that you truly have a 360 degree view from the interior of the boat.

With all that being said, today I moved all the power boats off of our “Boats to Consider” list.  Moving forward, Alexis and I will focus our attention on boarding as many sailboats as we can.  We are also planning to schedule a long weekend to take an ASA 101/103 combo course in the late spring or early summer in 2018. I know I am really looking forward to it!

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