Month In Review: February 2018

Saturday, 2/3/2018 – A flurry of activity (and getting paid!)  We picked up January’s final check from the Co-Op.  It’s worth sharing that we’ve made $892.70 in profit (which is after paying the monthly $70 rent, of course) from the Co-Op stand.  I’m calling it profit, but it’s not really profit…I spent significantly more than what I’m getting by selling things, but, some return is better than nothing.  Since we started cleaning things out, we’ve been putting some jewelry aside that’s either broken or not been worn in many years, intending to figure out what to do with it “someday.”  Turns out Saturday ended up being someday!  We headed to Capitol City Buy and Sell, a local shop with really high ratings and good reviews on Google.  I was pretty apprehensive about this pawn shop journey, but it ended up working out really well and wasn’t anywhere near what I expected.  The guys were really nice and really helpful and ended up paying us $122 for our small stash of stuff that had been sitting around for years.  We also got some drywall sanded and primer on the walls in the hallway, so, it’s soon time for PAINT!

Tuesday, 2/6/2018 – You sit on a throne of LIES, mail lady, a THRONE OF LIES!

Sunday, 2/11/2018 – It’s final…the family trip for 2018 has been scheduled, booked and we’ll be headed to MAINE!  Let the research and saving begin for the trip in June!

Tuesday, 2/13/2018 – Tuesday meant training all day for Alexis and then the annual Lezzer Expo, which we regrettably missed last year.  Free food, free cocktails and a bunch of cool new construction products and ideas made for a pretty good evening!

Wednesday, 2/14/2018 – Valentine’s Day!  We’re pretty simple people in a lot of ways.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day by eating some HUGE filet mignon’s and lobster tails.  On paper plates.  Because it’s Valentine’s Day and who the hell wants to wash dishes on Valentine’s Day?!  Dinner was AWESOME!

Saturday, 2/17/2018 – We worked.  It snowed.  And the dog slept.

Monday, 2/19/2018 – Alexis off work for President’s Day and spent the day doing a bunch of random chores and errands.  We were also able to nail down the dates for the annual striper fishing trip with Rockaholic Fishing for Mother’s Day weekend (Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13) so we could get some hotel rooms booked.  The trip got moved to May this year, in hopes of some more warm sunshine, so, we’ll keep our fingers crossed!  In the day’s most exciting news, we took our first stab at making sushi at home!  And, it turned out GREAT!

Friday, 2/23/2018 – It’s SCUBA TIME!  Since we already completed the eLearning academic sections of our open water diver certifications, it was time to get wet!  A few weeks ago, we  paid $155 each to book our confined water dives at a local swimming pool.  The first class was Friday evening from 6:45pm – 9pm to get started on our 5 required confined water dives, practicing and repeating a number of scuba skills to prepare us for the open water.  Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the confined water dives, but, we were super psyched!

Sunday, 2/25,2018 – We were up bright and early on Sunday (with lots of caffeine!) for the second session of confined water dives from 7:30am – 11:15am.  More on how we did coming soon!  Spoiler alert: Josh was the best student of the class!

Wednesday, 2/28/2018 – The last day of the month marked the end of No Spend February a.k.a. our first month-long fiscal fast!  (Here’s a link if you’re interested in how we did!)  We’ve also made a bunch of headway in nailing down some dates for a few upcoming getaways (which we’ll share soon, promise!).  And, “the winds of change are always blowing” seems to be the mantra of the day.  More on that soon, too!  Farewell to February 2018 – let’s make it happen, March!

Extra Income Amount Earned
Co-Op Stand $189.25
Pawn Shop & Mountz $247.00
Visa Rewards $45.94
eBates $8.87
Mechanical Turk $55.75

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