Escape The Winter Trip 2020: Day 4

Today was a pretty special day, as one of our dive buddies, Jon, was set to hit his 100 dives today. Since he requested to make his 100th dive at Karpata, we planned a drive up north a bit to dive some of the northern sites, making sure that Karpata would be the 100th dive site for Jon.

We started the day with Bonaire’s dive site #16, 1000 Steps. Parking is at the top of a cliff, then the 67-step staircase leads you down to the polished coral beach and easy shore entry.

Bonaire’s dive site #16 – 1000 Steps.
The view from the top of the 67-step staircase. Stunning!
It only FEELS like 1000 steps… Photo Credit: JBDives
Purple vase sponge.
Honeycomb cowfish.
Staghorn coral forest. Breathtaking!
Schoolmaster snapper.

After diving at 1000 Steps, we drove a few short minutes up the road to our next dive destination, Bonaire’s dive site #13, Tolo. Diving at Tolo offered us the opportunity to check out a Queen conch, peeking out of it’s shell. Tolo was a fantastic, LONG dive and I think I hit my stride with harnessing my air consumption during this dive.

Queen conch. (And the animal inside the shell was home – see the photo below!)
Queen conch, keeping an eye on things outside it’s shell. Photo Credit: JBDives
Spotted drum.

Our last stop on our northern journey today was Karpata, Bonaire’s dive site #9, for Jonathan’s 100th dive. (He’s our super-great-macro-photo-taking dive buddy JBDives!) Karpata is marketed as one of the finest dive sites in Bonaire, famous for its good visibility and beautiful panoramas. The guys conquered this one alone, making sure to capture a picture of Jon and his dive slate to commemorate his 100th dive. CONGRATS, dude!

Bonaire’s dive site #9 – Karpata.
JB prepping for the 100th dive requires some fanciness.
WOOT WOOT! Happy to be able to share this milestone with our good friend, JB.

Since we had missed lunch for the second day in a row, we opted to stop at the island’s KFC for a late lunch before heading back to the resort. Believe it or not, the small island has a legit KFC and it was FANTASTIC after a long morning of diving.

We grabbed dinner a few hours later and caught another absolutely BEAUTIFUL sunset from our dinner table.

After dinner, the guys geared up for another night dive at the house reef. This evening’s night dive offered some cool views including a sea cucumber and a small coral crab, scurrying about.

Sea cucumber.
Coral crab.

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