2018 Escape The Winter Trip – Day 9

It was Monday. Not only Monday, but, also the end of our incredible vacation. And it was time to head home, as we had to be back at work on Wednesday. Despite all of our scheming, planning and trying to find a way to not have to come home, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we had to go back to Pennsylvania, at least for a while. We got on the road at 4:20am and started heading north. Lucky for us, traffic was fair the entire way home and we didn’t hit any major backlogs in road construction delays. We drove straight through, stopping only for bathroom breaks, and ended up making it home a few minutes after midnight on Tuesday morning. When we left Key Largo, it was in the mid 70’s, so it was quite a shock to the system when we pulled in at home, wearing tank tops and shorts, and it was in the low 30’s and there was snow on the ground. We headed straight to bed, exhausted from the drive and torment of having to come back to snowy, cold Pennsylvania after having such a fantastic time in Florida.

Over the 10 days of our trip, we logged a total of 3,191 miles. Before we left, we decided to track our trip using a free app called PolarSteps, which worked incredibly well and offered our loved one’s an easy way to keep track of our journey at any time.  Click on the banner below to have a look.  It’s pretty cool!

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